Steampunk is one of the most interesting artistic movements in the world. This style was influenced by many other historical periods and managed to captivate the minds of many. There are countless people that adopted this movement because it reminds of the past days with a fantasy twist. It is a very versatile style that can be turned in many ways and incorporated in many situations. It is captivating because it allows us to enter a world of fantasy just by adding some cool elements in our daily lives. The main influence of this movement was, without question, the Victorian era.

Victorian Era of Innovations

The Victorian era was one of the most important parts of the English history and it granted many innovations and elements in art and technology. It is considered by many one of the most interesting periods in history overall. There are many interesting technological innovations that happened in that period and this is why decorative elements like keys and locks are incorporated in the steampunk movement. There are also mechanical elements and steam engine parts that are a major aspect of steampunk. This is just part of the story.

Victorian Clothing

When it comes to clothing, the Victorian era had an obvious impact. For the ladies clothing the main elements in steampunk are the corsets and big dresses. Even today, steampunk ladies like to have beautiful corsets, just like in the Victorian era. The big dresses are a major element and true enthusiasts like to have their dresses made with the same techniques just like back then. The head pieces have a dual inspiration. We see that big hats are very trendy in steampunk and they often have mechanical and metallic elements.

Men clothing are also inspired from the Victorian era. The tuxedos are very similar with the old ones and the colors remained the same. One big element in steampunk are the walking canes. They used to be very trendy back then and we see that in steampunk they have additional elements from the technological part of the Victorian era. The hats are also a big thing. Many steampunk enthusiasts adopted the exact same style that was fashionable back then. Another thing are the glasses. The monocular was a symbol of elegance back then and there are many modern steampunk enthusiasts that enjoy wearing then.


The behavior is also inspired from the Victorian era. This period was a time of elegance and etiquette. There are many steampunk enthusiasts that enjoy to follow the same rule. At their gathering you will see men taking their hats off in front of the ladies as a salute and the ladies will bow in a very elegant way. It is amazing to see how modern people managed to incorporate these old behaviors in the modern days. The art steampunk enthusiasts like is also the one from the Victorian era. You will often see paintings and sculptures from that period in their homes.