Steampunk is a kind of speculative fiction with a combination of science fiction and tech motivated by Victorian fashion. This genre has become extremely popular and is now considered a pop culture movement. Nowadays, there are steampunk movies, artists, books, and even video games.

There are many steampunk inspired video games out on the market today, and each one offers something different. From the setting to the object of the game, each one proves just how diverse the genre really is. Steampunk games really allow you to dive deep into the game and provide you with a fantasy. With the advancement in technology, today, games seem much more real and almost anything we can imagine can be made into a game. With the steampunk community on the rise, new games are always being developed. Here are the best steampunk games you should be playing.

Steamworld Dig

This game is about a robot who digs. It’s a very simple game with unique design and fun characters. It takes place in a Wild West setting that is filled with robots. The main protagonist, Rusty’s only mission is digging through mines looking for things to help him change up the environment so that he can take over. This isn’t a game that catches your eye or that is filled with shimmer and shine. It goes to show you that it was built cleverly to really draw in the player and the simplicity of it makes it lots of fun.


Vessel is a puzzle-based game where you complete various physics puzzles. Most of the puzzles you solve have you use liquid based objects to open up doors and such. You are portrayed as Arkwright, who invented these liquid based things called Fluro. Arkwright is completely infatuated with his invention and is dead set on it improtving the world. Vessel takes place in a bright, steampunk atmosphere. The puzzles get harder to solve as you keep playing. This is a simple game where the story is laid out to you through several journal entries.

Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6 is a part of an entire franchise that provides one of the largest gaming experiences ever known. The game takes place in an industrial setting made up of several steam machinations and it takes you to a medieval world where there is a conflict between the Gestahlian Empire and the Returners. The Returners use magical power to combat the Empire to conquer the world. All of the Final Fantasy games are loved for their mixture of sci-fi and fantasy. Final Fantasy is well known for their popular soundtracks and has easily been named one of the best games ever created.

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is a game that takes place in the floating city of Columbia where a man has to pay off his gambling debts by completing a mission to go get a girl from the sky. The mission seems pretty simple until you’re launched into the sky on a mini rocket that you have to try not to crash. As you’re launched up in the air, you will experience many obstacles that are meant to deter you. The world in which this all takes place has several steampunk elements from the weapons, imagery, and music.


In this game, you play as a thief named Garret who tiptoes through the city taking on monsters. The city combines the late Middle Ages with the Victorian era, giving it a real steampunk feel. Thief was released back in 1998, and after a ten year break, the game brings forth new, exciting images and a new voice actor who portrays Garret. The older games are not really sought after today, however, the latest rendition is definitely play worthy and proves that it is a veteran among a lot of steampunk games.


Dishonored is a game that is centered around the fall of a royal family. In the game, your love, the queen is murdered, and your daughter, the princess, is kidnapped. Everyone thinks you did it so you must track down the real killer and find your daughter. This all takes place in Dunwall, which has an architectural design to it in real steampunk fashion. In Dishonored, you get to experience real steampunk influence while combating smokestacks, mass weapons, and gothicness. The storyline and setting makes the game one that is a must play in the world of steampunk.


Even though I’m a true gamer, I’ve never been much into the steampunk genre. I prefer to spend my time playing on Pokerstarscasino, however, as I learn more about the history of steampunk, the games seem more and more appealing and worth trying out. If you’re like me and are interested in playing the different types of steampunk games, I’d suggest starting with the ones listed above.