Steampunk began in the 1980s and has grown bigger and bigger and more popular over the years. Supporters of this subculture made love to gather at times and celebrate the unique style and lifestyle of this culture together. There are various events all around the world that bring these likeminded ones together. Here are few of the top steam punk events in Europe that you can look out for this year.

The Original Event

Firstly, there is the Grand Order of the Muff, which is a society loyal to the 19th-century show. Steampunk is all about mixing the nineteenth-century era and science fiction with liberal values of the 21st century. The idea is to create a modern version of Victorian England with all its comedy, music, performance, visual art, couture, pseudo-science, and fiction.

As the movement grew, the name became more and more associated with the group. Steampunk most significant event takes place at the Victorian lunatic asylum in Lincoln, Europe in September due to its large steampunk population.

A vote involving online steampunk readers fixed the venue, and about 2000 steampunk followers will attend the event. Many of the steam punks get their inspiration from Jules Verne, H. Rider Haggard, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle and several others. From their works, these followers create an alternative world where women are adventurers, colonialism does not exist, time travel is possible, and spaceships powered by steam can travel around the universe.

Steampunk Aesthetics and Activities

A wide range of aesthetic symbols relate to steampunk, and these include automatons, brass goggles, telescopes, mechanical clocks, and airships. All this represents the spirit of the modern invention in nineteenth-century society. People who are into steampunk are creative in many areas. They are writers, artists, musicians, and even tea-makers. They can make costumes, as well as fairy cakes, read from steampunk recipe books. Many times, a year, steampunk events are organized, and a lot of the articles made by steam punks are sold. These events also feature concerts, stage book readings, tea dueling, corset limbo, and umbrella jousting. In September, a large steampunk gathering will be held in Lincoln.

For some of the steampunk followers, the event is more like a religion although it has no central authority to control or direct the affairs of followers. However, steampunk has its music, community, mode of dressing, code of belief, and literature. There are indications that it also has its commandments which followers adhere to. The commandments are three in number and include being impressive and excellent while interacting with other people; being remarkable and excellent in how people see you and being impressive and excellent in what you create.

The event often features an imitation of a military parade, and some minutes of silence to pay respect to those who lost their lives in war. Other features of the events are a rocket-pack race, a fashion show, burlesque, and literary shows. You can no doubt see that the steam punk genre is more than just a style, it is a way of life.