Nowadays some artists modify or create artworks to achieve a steampunk aesthetic. Selectively some of these artists’ artworks have a practical purpose, while others are costumes or more creative pieces and are just for looks. As an artist, your designs should merge the mundane with the exotic and achieve something unseen before. These steampunk inspired pieces of artwork are making their way into more and more pop culture. Also, steampunk artists’ have passionate fans that can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase their exotic creations. However, for those who lack the relevant skills to create their artifacts or are unable to acquire them; there are dozens of stories, novel films, television shows and games that portray steampunk style as explained in the preceding paragraphs.


“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” is a comic book series that has a strong steampunk influence throughout its styling and storyline. Not only can it be seen visually but they also reference old victorian books throughout the series, a clear nod to the steampunk genre. Captain Nemo from Jules Verne’s fictional novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea” and Dr. Griffin from H. G. Wells paperback “The Invisible Man” are some of the characters featured in steampunk productions and seen in this series. Pursuing this further, the genre is characterized by mind-blowing inventions of instruments and gadgets such as a mobile phone and other accessories. If you are looking for a combination of both intriguing story and steampunk styling, then this is the comic series for you; with action and adventure, it is sure to keep you interested.


There a lot of films that have come out in recent years that have followed a classically steampunk genre. One of those movies was the adaptation of “Wild, Wild, West” the movie combined all things steampunk inspired, along with bizarre and innovative set design and videography to make a unique and truly steampunk version of this Verne and Wells Fiction. In more recent years there was the remake of Mad Max, this too took the typical steampunk pieces and incorporated them into the set and costumes, creating a truly unique look, one that was critically acclaimed the world around.


Animation and steampunk work well together. You find that it’s much easier to draw a functional complex steampunk gadget than building one. “Atlantis “and “Treasure Planet” are animations produced by Disney Animation that poses steampunk elements. Lastly, there is also a “A Gentleman’s Duel”, where two men are wearing steam-powered robotics suits.

Steampunk technology has made a decent contribution to the entertainment industry.

It is clear to see that steampunk design aspects are being used more and more throughout pop culture, whether in the books you read or the movies you watch, you no doubt can see the elements of this genre making their way into main stream culture. For those who are true enthusiast, this is a great achievement and one worth celebrating and encouraging even further.