A sub-genre of science fiction, steampunk has brought to life aesthetic designs of the Victorian era or the modern edge of the 19th-century. The history of steampunk is sometimes connected to cyberpunk genre; it is often placed in the 19th-century British Victorian era. It described a time when steam power is the future of a fantasy world.

Materials for a Steampunk Decoration

The first thing is to make sure your home is blank which the basis of beginning the steampunk design is. The elements you choose will form the background of what you want to create such as atmosphere, modeling light and other things that will cause a sensation in a way you have not imagined. The colors and materials used in steampunk decorations have their kit, and these depend on the style you want to make. For example, a decoration made with steel, glass or marble depicts a modern style; the one made with wood, copper and natural fabrics shows country life kind of style, while decorations made with recycled materials demonstrate elegance and fashion.


Copper is essential in and natural in steampunk decoration because it is most associated with the industrial revolution of the 19th-century.  In fact, it should be the prominent material in creating a steampunk decoration.  Turquoise blended with rust tones creates a splendid and lively atmosphere which can form the foundation for the remaining design. You don’t need to go for the expensive type of copper; there are aged copper finishes that will still give you that special appearance you want.

Exposed Brick Wall

The next material in importance after copper is the exposed brick wall. Scandinavians make use of this, too. The exposed bricks, in a way, add beauty to the entire design and can serve a natural background for the later arrangement of furniture. The decoration should include copper, metal, bronze, and gold which are to be arranged in their proper way. The decoration should not be excessive which can ruin the entire design. All should be added in small pieces to create a balance.

Maps as Wallpaper

Colors such as hues are great, but excessive use of rust red or black can ruin the beautiful design you want to create. Wallpapers can save you the damage by toning down the bold colors used in the decoration. The best materials to achieve such effect are old maps. The atmosphere they create increases elegance and add complexity to your rooms.


This comes last but is very central to the overall steampunk decoration and design. After you arrange all the dark leather furniture and other materials of different colors, if there is no light to bring out the beauty of the decoration, the entire work cannot be well appreciated. What we mean here are the artificial lights, since we know natural light cannot be avoided. Nothing softens, transforms, molds, and adds power to a richly decorated space like a warm light. It makes the home comfortable and desirable. It is true that steampunk decoration seems to create a gloomy picture, but the inclusion of artificial light brings to life the abundant beauty of the scenery.