Steampunk is one of the most interesting movements in the world. It combines elements from the 19th century Victorian era with mechanical and futuristic elements. There are many people that incorporated steampunk in their lives and really enjoy getting back to the old days. There are many branches of steampunk and this is why this movement is one of the most versatile in the world. This movement has seen many ups and downs in the past years and this is simply because it is a very pretentious style that takes a lot of dedication. This fluctuation made many people wonder if this movement actually exists anymore and how it relates to everyday lives.


There are people that liked steampunk, lived it for a few years and then completely gave up on it. This is why people think that it may be dead. Also, it is not an artistic movement that is very obvious. Being a very pretentious art movement, it takes a lot of dedication to keep up. And another thing is that people that are very into steampunk like to have their own parties in which they share their common interest and they are not very public. Wearing a Victorian dress or going out with a walking cane can be quite demanding sometimes and this is why this movement is not very easy to maintain.

Many people argue that this style can only exist forever in fantasy books and in movies. There are countless writings that describe the fantasy world of steampunk and because they were international sensations, they were soon transformed into movies. There are many steampunk inspired movies that received awards and managed to make more people like this movement.

Digital Era

Lately, in our digital world, steampunk seems to become very strong. Many people feel that the digital world is taking part of your lives and excitement. Everything around us can be quite cold and sterile and steampunk is often bringing that extra element in our lives. It is very relieving to dress like a Victorian character and just detach yourself together with other steampunk enthusiasts from the daily life. It is one of the most popular fantasy movements in the world actually thanks to the elements it has taken from other movements.

Fashion is one of the main fields that adopted elements from steampunk. We see more and more designers that don’t necessarily make steampunk clothes, but they definitely take a lot of inspiration from this movement. From the men suits to corsets, there are many elements that resemble the classic steampunk clothes. There are also many accessory companies that just love the metallic applications from steampunk and they incorporated them in their collections. This is one of the ways steampunk still remains relevant.

The movie industry also saw the potential of this movement. There are many movies that take inspiration from steampunk and there are new upcoming TV series that promise to truly revive this movement. We will definitely hear more in the future from this amazing artistic movement.