Steampunk is one of the most interesting styles and artistic movements. The first appearance of this style is hard to date because there are many aspects that influenced it. It is well-known that the Victorian era was one of the main contributors to this art movement. This style influenced many aspects of life from house design, clothing and even weddings. There are many steampunk enthusiasts that try to include this amazing trend in every aspect of their life, so it is natural that they would also involve it in one of the most important day of their lives. But choosing the right details to have a steampunk wedding can be a challenging task. We have listed some tips and ideas on how to have a special celebration in order to help you have an amazing day.

The Clothing

The outfits of the bridesmaids should obviously be with steampunk inspiration. You can choose from hundreds of models that are found online or you can go to a tailor shop to have true and original steampunk dresses. These dresses are with Victorian inspiration, so they will definitely need a corset and extremely good materials. The colors should be your choice, but a very suitable option is the burgundy, dark brown or even black. Black should not be a color to be afraid of because you can always add some gold or metallic elements that will make the dresses look amazing. You can also add some head pieces in order to have the big picture of bridesmaid’s outfits.

The bride gown should obviously be with steampunk inspiration. The best option is to have it custom-made because you will have a corset. A custom-made dress will be more comfortable and you will feel perfect on your special night. You can also add a beautiful head piece and even a big necklace with mechanical parts inspiration. The bride make-up should have red or dark burgundy lipstick and some interesting eye make-up.

The groom is also going to be dressed in a steampunk inspiration. A Victorian inspired suit with a very nice walking cane can be an amazing outfit. The darker the color, the better. You can also add steampunk elements and decorations on the walking cane. Cuff links can also be a very nice steampunk element.

Rings and Venues

The wedding rings are a symbol of love that can also remind you of your common steampunk love for life. There are many options out there and you can also choose a different color than the regular gold. You can even add some steampunk elements like keys and lock in order to enhance the symbol of these rings. They will also be a very nice add to the overall steampunk atmosphere.

The wedding venue is extremely important. It would be perfect if you found a Victorian house, not necessarily a very expensive mansion. This would give an amazing atmosphere to your wedding. Keep it simply and chic and avoid the modern elements.